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Ometepe Island

The Ometepe Island is the biggest fresh water island in the world and situated within the lake Cociboca. 2 active volcanoes, Madeira and el Concepcion which are more than 1600 meters high, forms the island

Its name stems from the Aztec language and means Ome= Two and Tepelth= hills. The two volcanoes gives the island its charasteristic form of an 8 and its surface is about 270 squarekilometers. Aproximately 35.000 people inhabits the island, living from agriculture and especially the cultivation of bananas.

You reach the island on a ferryboat from the cities Granada or Rivas. On the island various villages are to be found, the biggest called Moyogalpa and Altagracia.

Tourists also have the possibility to make some excursions: for example mountain biking or horseback riding down the hills of the two volcanoes until reaching the lagoons, which are located in the flat craters. There is a big variety of different animals and plants, under which some are autochthon. There are also interesting archeological sites on the island, some of them are more than 2000 years old. The area offers great wildlife watching and not to forget the wonderful white sand beaches where the swimming is good.

Isla Ometepe
Isla Ometepe
Isla Ometepe


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